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Nader focus on the low-voltage apparatus field


Best Practice
  • Nuclear Power Generation
  • Civil Building
  • Rail Transportation
  • Data Center
  • Rail Transportation
  • Commercial Building
  • Charging Facility
  • Wind Power Generation
  • PV Industry
  • Military Field

The World's First Fourth-generation Commercial Nuclear Power Plant SNPTC Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Demonstration Project

The fourth-generation with proprietary intellectual property rights, one of the 16 national science and technology major projects

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  • Provide molded case products and DC MCB with Two-stage/Three-stage Protection
  • Main models: NDB2Z, NDM2, NDM2Z, NDM1

Class A Supplier of Vanke Real Estate

The partnership between Nader and Vanke Real Estate can be dated back to year 2009. Till now, its products have been used in over 1 million households in 65 cities throughout China. Over 50 electrical appliance factories have been built under strategic cooperation with Vanke and its low-voltage components account for up to 95% of the Vanke's supplies.

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  • Products Used: Whole Series Products of Liangxin Electrical

The world's first new energy air-rail train made its trial run in Chengdu, Sichuan

The train control cabinet used Nader's NDM2/NDM2Z products, which will be later applied to the Sudan project and the Qingdao metro project.

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China Mobile - Hohhot & Harbin Data Centers

Ultra-large-scale, green and energy-saving, centralized world-class cloud computing data center

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    • NDW3 Series Frame Circuit Breaker
    • NDM3 Series Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • NDQ3A Series Dual Power Products
    • NDB2 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker
    • NDM1 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker

Handan (Xingtai) - Huanghua Port Railway Main Line

National level 1 railway project and the "Transportation Artery" of Hebei Province

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    • NDW3 Series Frame Circuit Breaker
    • NDM3 Series Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • NDQ3A Series Dual Power Products
    • NDB2 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker
    • NDM1 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker

Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, Shandong

A film and television industry base with the world's largest investment

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    • NDW1 Series Frame Circuit Breaker
    • NDM2/NDM3 Series Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • NDC1/NDR1/R2 Series Industrial Control Products
    • NDM1/NDB2 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker

China's first expressway with electric vehicle fast-charging services

Along the 1,262 km Beijing-Shanghai Expressway, 50 fast-charging stations have been built by the State Grid Corporation of China, with one fast-charging station every 50 km one-way. Each fast-charging station is equipped with four 120-kilowatt DC chargers and eight charging piles and capable of simultaneously charging eight electric vehicles which can be fully charged within 30 minutes.

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    • NDM2L Residual Current Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • NDM1 Circuit Breaker
    • NDC1 AC Contactor

Guazhou Wind Farm Project by Longyuan (Jiuquan) Wind Power

The world's largest wind farm and 10 million-kilowatts wind power project

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    • Frame: NDW1-2000
    • Contactor: NDC1-1600

100MW Photovoltaic Project in Xitieshan, Qinghai

China's first photovoltaic power generation project at an elevation of above 3,000 meters

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    • NDM5Z DC1200V Molded Case Circuit Breaker
    • NDC1 Series Contactor
    • NDB2 Series Miniature Circuit Breaker



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    • NDM1A系列微型断路器